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When Creative Dance Expressions launched in 2006, two distinct Dance Divisions were created:  Dance Programs
for Students with Special Needs ~ Intellectual/Physical Disabilities and Dance Programs for Preschools, focusing on Dance combined with Academics.  In addition, Creative-DancegroupCreative Dance Expressions had the opportunity to partner with quality educational and nurturing Preschools devoted to excellence in Child Development throughout Orange, Osceola, and Seminole Counties.

In 2014, the heartfelt decision was made to streamline Creative Dance Expressions into a main area of concentration…Dance Programs designed for Students with Special Needs.

Having a positive response to her Creative Dance Program for Preschools, combining Academics and Dance, Creative Dance Expressions continues to offer Creative Dance for Preschools in the form of Day Workshops, a variation from the traditional weekly classes.

Dance Education expands a child’s base knowledge and provides additional tools for learning Academics in a variety of ways! Creative Dance strengthens the learning process for both boys and girls!

While in college, Founder Tanya Kaye Lewis had the opportunity to study Creative Dance from the highly renowned and visionary Founder of the Hope College Dance Department, Maxine DeBruyn. Her passion for Dance and expertise in teaching Dance at the Collegiate Level empowered her students to learn in a gamut of ways. Through her direction and leadership, students collectively created the Manual, Creative Dance For Children, a collection of highly unique and creative Lesson Plans focusing on effective Learning Processes.
Lesson Plans with detailed Academia include:

  • Science
  • Math
  • Language Arts
  • Reading
  • History

“Sports Stars all use Creative Dance Movement Concepts in their sports.  They’ve gone way beyond their sports training into the realm of improvisation and choreography using levels, pathways, energy, and rhythm to outsmart their opponents.  Their ability to use movement concepts, such as those taught in Creative Dance, enables them to shine in their chosen professions.”


Anne Green Gilbert

Founder Tanya Kaye Lewis continues to use this Creative Dance For Children Manual to this very day…ELATED to continue its growth and expansion!

Creative Dance for Preschool Classes are Designed to:preschoolRightsidepic

  • Connect Dance and School Curriculum
  • Build Dance Technique
  • Create Expression Through Dance (Choreography & Narratives)

Dedicated to each Client’s Mission, Creative Dance Expressions builds Partnerships with Educational Leaders and Teachers while upholding each Philosophy, Vision, and Legacy established.

Creative Dance Expressions is HONORED to INSPIRE!
Building Quality Dance Education through Fun in Learning throughout each and every Class…since 2006!!!

“Judge and Dancer/Choreographer Carrie Ann Inaba on ABC’s hit show, ‘Dancing With The Stars,’ described in an interview with Bonnie Hunt on ‘The Bonnie Hunt Show,’ that she’ll never forget her Creative Dance Class as a child. She expressed the ‘Freedom in Dance’ that she felt when her teacher requested each student choose his/her favorite dance prop, followed by the words, ‘Now Dance!’ She learned Dance Concepts ~ The Elements of Dance which inspired her to learn and grow as a dancer, leading to an array of accomplishments!”

Let’s Dance!!!

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