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for Students with Special Needs

Striving to encourage
each and every Dance Student to SHINE and be all they can be…STAR DANCERS, Performance Dance Classes launched in 2013!

Performance Dance Classes are smaller in class size and highly structured. Uniquely designed for Dance Students with Special Needs, the students focus on:performanceClassGroup

  • Dance Technique in Ballet, Jazz, Modern, and Lyrical Genres
  • Muscle Memory and Recall in Developing and Learning Choreography
  • Conditioning and Training
  • Classroom Etiquette
  • Social Etiquette/Leadership, including throughout Performance Events
  • Reading and Writing Skills ~ Dance Journals and Workbooks
  • “Show Ready” Practice and Skills (Hygiene, Costumes, and Hair/Make-Up)
  • Confidence

My brother talks about how much he LOVES Creative Dance Classes all the time.  You are an IMPORTANT person to him!  THANK YOU, TANYA!

Carol Sanders

Sister of Dance Student

Humble Beginnings

Upon being so inspired by my Grandmother Lydia Wade and learning the craft and skills throughout college, I was HONORED to meet The Russell Home, Christmas 2005!

performanceAtTableOur chance-meeting happened at The Florida Mall in Orlando, FL, during the height of the Christmas Shopping Season, when I saw the smiles from Betty (Grand-daughter of Founder Vantrease “Grandma” Russell) and Joann (Caretaker and Amazing Cook), along with some of the Residents “Children” of The Russell Home. My heart JUMPED at the blessed opportunity to meet them and hear their inspirational story, and share my experiences of Dance and HOPE and DREAM to continue teaching! Upon our introductions and stories, they warmly welcomed me to attend their Christmas Party the following week!

I will always remember hearing Betty’s excitement when I phoned ahead prior to arriving! I gathered a bag with some household donations, and when I entered The Russell Home my heart LEAPT with RADIANT JOY! The SMILES…the HAPPINESS…the EXCITEMENT!!!

This utter GLEE is not only expressed at Christmas, but expressed each and everyday throughout the year!

With a warmhearted welcome, I met all The Russell Home Children and several family members and caretakers! After sharing my family, schooling, and professional journey, The Russell Home invited me to return in January 2006 to teach Creative Dance Classes. And in May that same year, Creative Dance Expressions was born!

The Russell Home Dancers

Directed by Tanya Lewis of Creative Dance Expressions

As I have the WONDERFUL opportunity to teach, honored to empower and encourage many students through Dance throughout Central Florida…even more, I am INSPIRED WHOLE-HEARTEDLY by each and every Dance Student…
Enveloping each and every MAGICAL MOMENT!!!

As a team, we have been truly DELIGHTED and HONORED to perform throughout Central Florida! We have been graciously invited to perform at:russellhomedancePose

  • Churches ~ Services and Church
  • Weekend Worship Events at area Churches
  • Fundraisers for The Russell Home
  • The Dancer’s Pointe Annual Recitals at Bob Carr Theater
  • Walt Disney World Resort
  • Residential Communities
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Nursing Homes
  • Old Town (Amusement Park – Kissimmee)

We are truly GRATEFUL and DEEPLY THANKFUL for each BLESSED Invitation we receive!

Partnering with Leaders throughout Central Florida creates connections that inspire, teach, celebrate, support, and care…Believing in Dreams! It is a true HONOR to share JOY through DANCE throughout the Central Florida Community!

Performance Dance is a regularly scheduled class for students, such as The Russell Home Dancers Directed by Tanya Lewis of Creative Dance Expressions. In addition, some enrolled Creative Dance Students take Performance Dance throughout the year…especially in preparation for Special Events or Holiday Performances.

Let’s Dance!!!

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