logowithWordsoriginal-colorsCreative Dance for Students with Special Needs:


Intellectual and/or Physical Disabilities ~
Designed for All Ages and Levels of Development
When Creative Dance combines skill development and self-expression, students of all ages and levels of development can learn and enjoy!

Creative Dance goes beyond learning a series of steps and routines.creativeDanceSNgroup
Just as students cannot create a piece on the piano without some knowledge of notes and rhythm, Creative Dance teaches and provides the tools for the development of skills. The development of skills improves dance compositions and increases the level of creativity, thereby encouraging growth and the discovery of ability!

Creative Dance positively challenges students to apply Dance Elements and Concepts of Dance when creating their own steps and phrases, enlarging their own expressive world, and inspiring others through the
World of Dance!

For many students with Special Needs, through manipulation they discover new movements and rhythms. Creative Dance Classes are designed for each and every student to learn gross and fine motor skills.
When Movement is Transformed into Dance…Magic Happens!

Dance Concepts ~ The Elements of Dance
Explored Consistently in Creative Dance Classes:

  • The Concept of Space
  • The Concept of Time
  • The Concept of Force (Energy)
  • The Concept of Body
  • The Concept of Movement
  • The Concept of Form (Compositions into Choreography & Narratives)

“Creative Dance is a powerful tool toward peace because people learn to solve problems, express feelings, cooperate, accept and value differences, gain an awareness of their own and other’s cultures and engage in an activity/class that increases, rather than decreases, self-esteem.”


Anne Green Gilbert

Let’s Dance!!!

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