Building A Partnership

Dedicated to each Client’s Mission, Creative Dance Expressions builds Partnerships while upholding each Philosophy, Vision, and Legacy established.

Each Client is compassionately devoted to supporting Central Floridians with developmental disabilities through the superb Services provided, while treating all individuals with dignity, respect, kindness, and love.
Programs designed for Achieving Dreams and Goals:

  • Residential
  • Vocational
  • Educational

Creative Dance Expressions is honored to be a part of each of these exceptional Programs through Dance Classes! At the heart of the Success of the Creative Dance Program is Partnership through Togetherness. Together, we align our Missions…our Values!

Creative Dance Classes are designed to work hand-to-hand, together empowering, enriching, and encouraging each and every Creative Dance Student to reach for the Stars… Cheering on Hope, Achievement, Growth, and SUCCESS!

I could go on and on, but to sum it up in a few words, Tanya’s Creative Dance Expressions is a combination of Dance, Communication, and Academics providing each “Special Needs Student” with a chance to be all they can be…with no one judging them, criticizing them, or laughing at them.  You will never find another class like this because there is only one Tanya.

Kathie Post

Parent of dance student

The uniquely customized Creative Dance Classes enhance learning through both a Performing Arts and Educational format.  In a recent joint class, the Creative Dance Students learned how to combine Science and Dance!  The class learned why and how the Earth changes with each Season.  Also, they discussed trees and the changing colors of the leaves.  Each Dancer applied Creative Imagery, forming the shapes of leaves.  Through Dance, they swayed, twisted and floated to the gentle music.  We are happy to see everyone enjoying the Art of Dance!

Quest, Inc

For many people dancing is no more than just moving your body along with the rhythm of music.  For Latasha, dancing means so much more than just rhythm and body movements, it’s her passion.  A passion that was and still is greatly influenced by her Dance Instructor, Mrs. Tanya.  Mrs. Tanya is a hero in the eyes of Latasha.  She has inspired her through hope and compassion that dancing is not limited to people with disabilities, instead, it creates opportunities for them to be expressive through music in their own unique way.  For Latasha, she expresses herself by clapping her hands and singing along.  Her favorite song by far is the hit single Beat It by Micheal Jackson.  Latasha’s love for dancing has been greatly shaped and influenced through the hope and compassion shown to her by her Instructor, Mrs. Tanya.

The World of Dance